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We are a team of local, hardworking and trustworthy Movers who call London Ontario our home. We own our own trucks and pride ourselves on our focus to maintain full integrity for our customers and under no circumstance do we cut corners to ensure safe transport and delivery of your belongings.

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A Moving Company With Patience and Understanding

Moving can be a crazy time for anyone, no matter the size of the move. It signifies a big change in your life or for your business, and sometimes it can be hard determining exactly what you need. At Movers of London Ontario we take the time to listen to your needs and can make the adjustments you need as you move on to the next step of your life.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Our Mission

When we say we do the heavy lifting, we aren’t just talking about physical muscle, although our movers do provide plenty of that. We strive to listen carefully to your needs, analyze what you need from your move, and address any questions you might have. Our expertly trained packers will pack your belongings, even the ones most precious to you, and handle them safely until they are delivered to the new location. Our dedication not only makes for one less thing on your plate but saves your back in the process.

Our Values

Every move represents the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one, and this transition needs to be taken seriously. We understand this, and bring that understanding back to our clients with competitive rates, dedication to efficiency, and taking responsibility for each piece we move. On the rare case that anything is damaged, lost or stolen, we are 100% insured and take full responsibility for any mishaps.

Residential Moves

Residential moves can mean anything from moving from one large home to another to moving a college student into their dorm. However big or small a move is, we are here to help every step of the way.

Commercial Moves

Moving a business, or moving individuals within a business can be a hectic time that results in downtime and lost productivity and profits. Often in means closing of access in one area until everything is ready in the next, The physicality of moving office furniture and boxes of files or personal items eats away precious time. Employees who move themselves often drag out their move and risk injury. At Movers of London Ontario we move as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether your department is moving to a new floor, or your whole business is headed to the other side of the province or beyond.

Long Distance Moves

Sometimes a move means you are going across town, but it can also mean heading across several provinces, or it may even be an international move into the United States. Interprovincial and moves across the border have different requirements, and at Movers of London Ontario, we understand the various requirements and can keep your move as straightforward as possible, regardless of how far you go.

We Serve the Entire London Area

Whether your home or business needs to move within or out of London, Our team is here to serve you and help your move go smoothly. To learn more or to set up a consultation on how to best plan your move, contact us today.

Business Name: Movers of London Ontario
Address: 570 Proudfoot Lane, London, Ontario, N6H 4Z1
Phone: (226) 271-5564

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