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Our commercial movers are highly experienced professionals who will guide you through all phases of your business’s relocation. Our exceptionally dedicated and efficient team of London Ontario Movers will ensure that your relocation and reassembly of your office at your new location is performed seamlessly and completed with as little downtime as possible for you and your team, whether you’re moving a small office or an entire office building with many offices.

Our Office Moving Process

Our professional team will work with you closely through the following phases of the commercial moving process to complete your office relocation stress free and get your business back up and running in your new location as fast as possible:

1. Get Your Free Estimate.

Contact us to discuss the details of your needs for your office relocation in London Ontario. Our commercial moving expert will ask the questions necessary to understand what you need and will immediately provide you with a comprehensive assessment and an estimate of the cost. We guarantee to do our best to make the move as affordable as possible.

2. Plan for Moving Your Office

A well-experienced commercial moving specialist will schedule a time to review available options with you, discuss the number of movers, installers, moving bins, and equipment needed. During this phase, all concerns and questions you may have will be thoroughly addressed.

A team member at Movers of London Ontario will provide information about our moving supplies, offer tips on your teams role in preparing for the move, and talk about any warehousing or onsite storage accommodations you may need, disposal services, etc.

Our commercial moving experts can also organize your move for you, if you prefer, planning all details of all phases of the office relocation and ensuring a smooth execution of the process flow.

3. Prepare for Moving Your Office.

The moving supplies your business needs for packing the move will be delivered, to give your staff abundant time to pack their files, office supplies, belongings, etc. We can help disconnect all office machines and devices for you, including computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, phone systems, and other office electronics and devices.

Our moving team will dismantle your partition walls and furniture systems, file storage cabinets, bookcases, and other major items, and they will promptly reinstall and reconfigure these items in your new office.

Whether you are moving a small office or an entire building of many offices, our team can professionally package and transport all your equipment, furniture, supplies, and documents.

4. Schedule Your Office Move.

We will work with you carefully to ensure that we have a clear mutual understanding of what needs to be done in each part of the planning, preparation, moving day relocation, and then the reassembly processes. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience of all steps throughout all phases of your office relocation.

5. Move to Your New Office.

Our commercial moving trucks are fully provisioned with all the equipment and supplies necessary for managing the commercial move on the day of. That includes furniture pads, moving straps, dollies, carts, open bins, and other support items.

On the day we agreed is best we will come to your current location ready to go just as we planned for.  We will use our clean, modern moving trucks to relocate your business to your new location!

6. Reassemble Your Office at Your New Location.

Our mission in your office relocation is to return your business to full operation at your new location as quickly as possible. During this final phase of the move, our team will reassemble all cubicle wall dividers, desks, cabinets, and other components and furniture, reposition all keyboard trays, and deliver all files and other belongings to the right parties’ workspaces. Whatever you need done we can do it.

We can help set up and re-connect your computers, phones, and other office equipment. We can also help you organize an ideally practical floor plan and configure workstations for your new workplace, before the move.

Our Company

Our top priority is safe handling of your business’s property during your office relocation. Our safety protocols and practices are second to none in our industry. We understand what is necessary to move every item in a manner that is safe for everyone onsite and for your property items being moved.

We carry 100% liability insurance, to fully compensate your company, in the rare instance that an item is damaged, destroyed, or missing during the moving process.

No matter how large or small your office is, or where you’re moving it, our commercial moving team will complete your relocation with the utmost care and efficiency. For more information about our commercial moving services, contact Movers of London Ontario by calling (226) 271-5564.

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