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Moving day is stressful, especially for a long distance move. It’s physically and mentally exhausting for any person. You can make that day a lot smoother by choosing the us, the best Moving Company London Ontario for your long distance move into or out of the city.

We are happy to offer our moving service to people moving long distances, across Ontario, across Canada, and even into the USA. Please contact us today to discuss how our services can work for you. 

Long Distance Movers in London

You have enough to worry about when you move to a new part of the province, country or world: changing addresses on your bills, stopping and starting utilities, leaving old friends and making new ones. You don’t need to add concerns about whether your possessions will arrive intact. It’s not like moving across town where you and your friends can do part or all of the job yourself. Your belongings are going to be out of your sight, and they need to be with someone you can depend on.

There are many long distance movers eager for your business. Here’s how to choose the one that will do the best job for you.

  • Price and price transparency. You want a low price, but don’t base your decision on an estimate given over the phone. A reputable company will give you an exact price only after a walkthrough. Be sure you know what is and isn’t included. Some movers will tack on charges for packing materials, heavy objects and other hidden fees. Get a price in writing.
  • Credentials. Never hire a moving company that isn’t bonded and insured. What will happen if your valuables break or your van “disappears?” Check for an active license.
  • Knowledge and experience. Good moving companies stay in business. Movers who’ve been doing this for a while will have experienced employees and the right vehicle and the right equipment for your job. They know how to pack a van so objects won’t shift during the trip. For long distance moves involving London, they need to understand the requirements for moving elsewhere in Ontario as well as to or from another province or the United States.
  • Services offered. Will the mover pack and unpack your possessions as well as move them? Do they move heavy objects such as pool tables and pianos? Do they do both residential and commercial moves?

Why Us

Movers of London Ontario has been in business for years, and we specialize in moves to and from London Ontario. We’ve done countless moving services from Toronto to London and from London to Toronto. We’ve moved people to  all parts of Ontario, Canada and even the US.

From the moment you call us, we treat you and your belongings with the respect you deserve. Just look at our reviews, you’ll see we’re consistently courteous and understand what we’re doing.

We’re fully licensed and insured. We give specific, detailed quotes for every job. Our competitive rates are always provided in writing, along with an exact description of the work we’ll do. There are never hidden fees.

No move is too big or too small. We don’t shy away from the big items such as pianos and pool tables. We’ll move belongings out of storage lockers, dorms and studio apartments as well as large homes. We do commercial as well as residential moves.

If you have a move to or from London Ontario in your future, call us. We’ll answer your questions and work at your side every step of the way. On moving day, you can be confident that our friendly, professional staff will safely and securely deliver your treasured belongings.

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We are a full service professional moving company located in London, Ontario, Canada for all your moving needs. We are movers for residential homes, businesses, long distance and more. Call us today!

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