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When you’re preparing to move from your current dwelling to a new home, you’ll have a lot of tasks to keep track of. And since you’re going to be much busier than usual up until moving day, it’s prudent to stay organized.

This is why so many people who rely on our services for moving from one home to another in Canada find it useful to write a moving checklist to get prepared.

Here are some common to-do items that you’ll want to put in your own moving checklist, to make the big day go as smoothly as possible.

This checklist is provided to you by a moving company in London Ontario. We specialize in commercial and residential moves. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like some personalized advice for your moving day.

3 Months before you move

– Make a folder to store various documents for the move, such as notes on moving companies as you compare them, receipts, estimates and bills to take care of during the transition.

– Figure out what appointments to arrange for setting up your new home, such as turning on utilities (and phone plus internet). It’s also time to enroll your kids in their new school.

– Research moving companies, reading reviews from authoritative sources and checking on customer feedback. Make sure to get quotes from at least three companies.

2 Months before you move

– Distinguish items that you are going to definitely want to take with you, and what can be left behind. Consider selling or donating furniture and appliances as well as clothing to a charitable organization.

– Figure out what things will require special care and handling by the movers, like heirlooms or delicate antiques. The same goes for unusually large items, such as a baby grand piano.

– Inventory all of your property, which will help you determine how many boxes to buy as well as serve as a record of what you’re moving to the new home.

1 Month before you move

– Settle on which moving company you want to hire, making sure they are available for your timeframe.

– Purchase moving coverage if you have any concerns about valuables being accidentally damaged in transit.

– Fill out change of address cards at some point during the final month, so your mail will start arriving at your new home with minimal delay.

– Have your pharmacy transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy in the new town. If you haven’t found a new doctor or doctors for your family yet, this would be the time to ask for referrals or do some research.

– Order supplies for packing and then start packing items.

1 Week before you move

– Gather all spare house keys as well as the remote control for accessing the garage so they’ll be ready when it comes time to turn them over to the new buyer or realtor.

– Any large furniture items should be taken apart now.

– Pack suitcases for staying in a hotel if you’re using one to transition to your new home, or if you’re taking a road trip instead of flying and will need accommodations.

– Get extra cash from your bank so you’ll be covered if any emergencies arise during the move (what would you do if your credit card can’t be read because your bank system happened to go down on moving day?)

– Tour your new property, if you are able to make a trip there now, to be certain you know where important controls are, such as for the circuit breakers, water heater and the valve to shut off the water.

Moving Day checklist:

– Make sure the movers can get into your home easily, with no boxes blocking paths.

– When the movers arrive, double-check the paperwork they’ve brought. It should specify all of the details agreed to.

– Be on hand during the process to answer questions and to supervise work as needed, or give the movers your contact information if you need to be away.

– When all items are in the truck, inspect the inventory list from the movers, which should be a match with your copy.

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