Tips for Moving During London Ontario’s Winter

London Ontario Winter
There is much less competition amid moving companies in London Ontario and other communities in colder weather months. While moving in Ontario during winter months isn’t ideal for most, whether it’s residential or commercial sometimes it’s a must. To help you face the challenges frigid, snowy winters can present during a move, these useful tips can keep things on track and get everything to the destination safely. You could also consult with the best moving company in the London area. (spoiler: us)

1. Secure Movers ASAP

While there’s typically less competition and greater availability for moving trucks and professional moving services in winter, get it booked as soon as possible. You might land lower rates while ensuring you can move on the times and dates you prefer. This step is essential if you plan on having movers pack and/or handle transportation of your household.

2. Be Prepared to Change Dates for Weather Contingencies

Winters can be harsh in the London, Ontario region and throughout Canada, so keeping an eye on the weather forecast a week or two prior to moving day is a good idea. If a serious squall or several feet of snow are predicted, be prepared to work with the moving company to change dates. Of course, weather is unpredictable but last-minute shifts are often possible.

3. Smart Packing Tips

If a mover isn’t handling the packing for you, get an early start to allow for ample time a few days before moving to prepare walkways and entryways for safety during we or snowy days. Use weatherproof storage containers that can hold up to low temperatures and withstand the elements.

4. Prepare to Protect the House Indoors Before Move-Out Day

Be sure to have some cardboard boxes flattened or plastic tarps to lay in doorways. This will protect flooring from outdoor debris, wet shoes, mud, etc. as the loading process occurs. Boxes atop plastic sheeting also creates a non-slip entryway to prevent falls, which are real possibility when arms are loaded down or hand carts are employed.

5. Prepare Driveways and Sidewalks for Safe Passage

Moving on blocked sidewalks or slippery surfaces isn’t going to work out very well. Use a snow blower or shovel if necessary, and sprinkle with a generous supply of de-icer or salt to keep moving staff or anyone loading up safe from painful slip-and-fall accidents.

6. Dress Warmly

In addition to being exposed to the elements open doors while loading, there will likely be the need to make a few stop for petrol, food, and bathroom breaks during your travels. Having warm clothing layers and a hat to put on quickly before leaving the warm ride will come in handy. You’ll also need to bundle up for a bit after unloading at the new location to allow the dwelling to heat up.

Don’t Brave Winter Moving Alone!

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